A Basic Overview and Guide To Paphos Harbour

When you think of Paphos, you think of the Harbour and its famous castle which dates back centuries and was originally built as a fort to protect the harbour. Now the Harbour is a bustling attraction and one of the major attractions in Kato Paphos.

The video below provide an aerial view of Kato Paphos and the coastline that runs along the main tourist area, the waterfront, beaches, Harbour, castle and marina.


 By Chris Mavrommatis 


Things To See And Do At Paphos Harbour

Through time the harbour has changed and has obviously had to move with the times in terms of its features and facilities. The harbour was famous for its pelicans that used to roam freely up and down the waterfront.

The Harbour area in Kato Paphos is now one of the liveliest hubs in Paphos. Throughout the years the waterfront in Paphos has developed considerably and is now a hive of activity throughout the day and night.

In the daytime the harbour is full of life and people descend on the harbour for many reasons. The harbour front has a lovely promenade that allows you to walk along the water’s edge safely and away from the traffic. The traffic system along the main waterfront in Paphos is now restricted to one-way, which makes it much less busy in terms of vehicles.

The promenade along the harbour front in Paphos has a number of seats located at intervals and these are the perfect place to stop and admire the lovely view of the Paphos coastline, Castle and boats that are moored in the marina.

Paphos Harbour is a meeting point for many Cypriots and during the day and night, people congregate along the promenade and harbour walls simply to socialise. There are many things to do around the Harbour and seeing the attractions such as the castle, Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, the municipal baths are just a few but many people come to the harbour simply to chill-out near the sea, on the beach or in the bars and cafes.

This page is designed to provide you with a basic overview of the Harbour in Paphos and will hopefully answer any questions you may have.

The Harbour Castle

Paphos Harbour Castle OptThe castle on Paphos harbour is definitely one of the most predominant and famous landmarks in Kato Paphos and is located at the far end of the harbour.  The harbour castle attracts a large number of tourists every year and although it isn’t very big in size, it is worth taking a look if you are near.



Entertainment and Events

Through the year,  there are festivals in Cyprus, such as the ‘Water Festival’ (Usually in June) and when such festivals take place, the road along the waterfront in Paphos is sometimes closed. The road and promenade then become a Market, with lots of stalls selling a number of different products and food. Also, throughout the year, there are a number of music concerts held in and around the Paphos Harbour area.


Parking is not permitted along the main waterfront but there are bays for loading but these are restricted to a time limit. However, there is parking available at the far end of the Harbour waterfront, close to the main bus station on the harbour. Parking is free of charge (at the time of writing) but double check before parking and leaving your vehicle.

Things To Do

The Municipal Baths

As you enter the harbour from Poseidonos Avenue, on your left you will see the Municipal Baths. These baths can be used Free of charge and are a popular place to bathe with both locals and tourists. The baths are actually a designated area in the sea and have a number of facilities such as steps for easy access, showers and toilet facilities.


At one end of the harbour, close to where the hotels and Municipal Baths are located (Poseidonos Avenue), there are several small beaches. Pachyammos Beach, Vrysoudia A Beach and Vrysoudia B Beach are the closest beaches to the Harbour. There is also a concrete area that is used for bathing and this is near the municipal baths. On the other end of the harbour near the castle, there is no beach.


The main waterfront in Paphos has a large selection of shops and these range from the traditional gift shop selling all different kinds of memorabilia to new fashion boutiques selling the latest wears. The shops are a great way to spend a few hours and generally have some great sales on!

Café Bars

You will not be short on choices when it comes to café bars on the Paphos waterfront. Today, there is a wide selection of café bars offering a large variety of drinks and snacks. The café bars are a great place to sit and watch the world go by as you enjoy your favourite tipple in the glorious Cyprus sunshine. The café bars are open throughout the day and late into the night serving a variety of drinks, snacks, ice cream, confectionery and other products.

Harbour Restaurants

Paphos is famous for its harbour restaurants and throughout the day and night, the restaurants are open. The restaurants around the harbour offer a wide range of food but the majority of the restaurants specialise in fish dishes. At the far end of the waterfront is the Marina and castle, this area is pedestrianized. In this area you will find a number of sea food restaurants that are very high quality and offer a unique atmosphere. The Pelican seafood restaurant is one of the most well know restaurants on Paphos Harbour and has a large selection of seafood dishes. As you can imagine, the restaurants along the Harbour front are more expensive as many other restaurants in Paphos due to their location and captive market.

Best Restaurants

There are many good restaurants on Paphos harbour and it would not be right to say which is the best simply because everyone has their own opinions and for many different reasons. Each of the restaurants on the harbour offer their own unique atmosphere as well as serving their own speciality dishes. Try them and see which one you find the best!

Boat Trips and Cruises

At the far end of the waterfront at the entrance to the Marina, you will find a number of vendors offering boat trips. The vendors offer a number of different trips such as beach trips, glass bottom boats, diving trips and fishing excursions.

Many different boat trips depart from the harbour in Paphos on a daily basis including glass bottom boats, Jolly Roger, Catamaran and Fireworks dinner cruise to name but a few.

Harbour Attractions

Paphos harbour has several attractions such as the Castle, Pelicans, Kato Paphos Archaeological Park and very close to the harbour you will find many other attractions including the lighthouse, Amphitheatre, St Pauls Pillar to name but a few.

 by CheMax

Harbour Activities

Throughout the year, the Harbour in Paphos generally has something going on and there are many different activities, depending on the time of year. Paphos hosts many different events and with each event there will be an array of activities for all ages. When there isn’t an event taking place, the harbour is still a lively and bustling place to go and spend time with friends, family and loved ones.

Paphos Harbour Bus Station

The bus station in Paphos Harbour is located at the end of the harbour promenade towards the castle and most of the Paphos buses depart from the station. Buses are cheap and you can buy a number of different tickets for the duration of your stay that will save you money.

Paphos Harbour To Coral Bay

If you are wanting to get to Coral Bay from Paphos Harbour, one of the cheapest ways to get there is by local bus. Buses run from Paphos Harbour to Coral Bay throughout the day and night on a regular basis and the bus number is 615.

Paphos Harbour To Airport Bus

There is a regular bus service that runs from Paphos Harbour bus station to Paphos Airport. The service is a great way to get to and from the airport and is very cost effective, as it only costs a few euros. The number of the airport bus is 612.

Paphos Harbour Bus

Many bus services run to the harbour from many different places around and you can catch a harbour bus from a large number of stops around the Paphos area. Bus times may be subject to change throughout the year, so it is advisable to pick up a harbour bus timetable when you arrive in Paphos.

The buses run throughout the day and all stop at the Harbour bus station in Kato Paphos.

612 – Airport bus

615 – (Tombs of The Kings and Coral Bay)

603, 611, 631 (Run throughout the tourist area of Paphos)

Apartments To Rent and Apartments For Sale

There are several apartments that are available for holiday and residential rental, as well as apartments for sale which are located close to the harbour. However, they are very popular and in high demand, especially during the peak seasons and if you wish to book one, it is advisable to book early. Looking on Rightmove or in the local estate is the best place to start looking for apartments that are for sale.

Paphos Harbour Castle Weddings

The castle on Paphos Harbour is a popular choice for weddings, as it provide a beautiful back drop for wedding photos. Throughout the year you can see many wedding parties on the Harbour or couples having there photos taken, as well as seeing the big open top wedding bus driving along the promenade or parked by the Harbour.

Debenhams Paphos Harbour

Yes, it’s true, located near Paphos Harbour there is a Debenhams. It isn’t a huge store but nevertheless, it is Debenhams. The store is set back on the street just off the Harbour near the bus station.

Address: Paphos 8028 or P.O.Box 60315, 8024 Paphos, Dimokratias Ave 2, Paphos, Cyprus