Cheap Flights To Paphos

It is generally easier to find cheap flights to Paphos than it is to Larnaca.  However, Cyprus has always been one of those countries that has tried to keep it’s flight prices fairly high but there are some great deals to be found and I have always seemed to manage to get really cheap flights to Paphos.
The really good news is that there are plenty of flights from many different countries flying into Paphos every day, especially during the summer months when many tour operators provide additional ‘charter flights’ into Paphos to accommodate the influx of tourists.
For those of you wishing to visit Cyprus in the winter and stay on the other side of the island i.e near Protaras/Ayia Napa, it may be worth looking to see if you can find cheap flights to Paphos rather than Larnaca.  Paphos usually has more flights for tourists during the winter months than Larnaca, so it is sometimes cheaper to fly into Paphos and then transfer to your chosen resort.
The beauty of Cyprus is, it is not a large island and you can easily travel from Paphos to Protaras or Ayia Napa in under 2 hours.

Finding Cheap Flights To Paphos

Finding cheap flights can sometimes be a nightmare and nobody really wants to spend hours and hours of their time surfing the Internet.  hund.  I generally search a few websites that I know consistantly offer the best deals on cheap flights to Paphos.  I have had success with them all and have never had to pay over inflated prices, it really is just a question of being flexible and letting the airlines dictate when you fly.  I realise that this may not be possible for people with families and children still at school but if you are wanting to fly during the school holidays, the airlines and tour operators will increase their prices no matter where you are traveling to.

I have provided the following flight search tool that let’s you search all the airlines in one go.  Simply type in the dates you wish to travel and it will literrally search every airline and then list the available flights and prices.  This really does save hours of your time and eliminates having to individually visit all the airlines websites and continuosly type in your details time after time.

As well as cheap flights to Paphos, you can also use the search tool for other destinations.

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