Paphos Weather Guide And Information

Due to its location, on the West coast of the island of Cyprus, Paphos weather enjoys the perfect climate throughout the year. As you can imagine, the weather in Paphos is that of a typical Mediterranean country.

The weather in Paphos is mainly dry and enjoys long hot summer days throughout the summer months and mild days throughout the winter months.

In summer, the weather in Paphos can become very hot, in fact some days are so hot, it is hard to sit out in the sun for too long. However, Paphos does enjoy a sea breeze which is very welcoming on those very hot days but it would still not be recommended to stay out in the heat for long periods. Throughout the summer months, most people have a siesta at peak times or simply relax in the shade to keep out of the sun.

Paphos Weather Monthly Temperatures And Seasons


The summer months in Paphos are generally from June until the end of September. The hottest months are July and August which can see temperatures soar into the mid or even late 30’s. The average temperatures throughout the summer months is around the 30°C mark, which is still very hot.

Obviously, these months are the most common for tourists on the island and Paphos airport can become very busy with passengers coming to the island to soak up the sun and beautiful Paphos weather.


From the beginning of October, the temperatures do begin to drop. However, October is a lovely month to visit the island, simply because the Paphos weather is still very warm (around 25°C), which means it is much more comfortable to sit out in and generally makes visiting the different attractions easier.


Although from December through until February is generally called winter in Paphos, the average temperature is generally around 17-20°C. Yes, it is much cooler than in the summer months and many locals will actually regard these temperatures as cold but it is still possible to sit out in the sunshine on good days. During winter, Paphos can experience rain shower and thunder storm but generally these are short lived. Paphos can also experience strong winds but once again, these too are short spells.

Night time temperatures do drop considerably throughout the winter months and it is advisable to pack a jacket or similar if you intend sitting out or going for a walk.

Skiing In Cyprus

Cyprus has a mountain range known as Troodos Mountains and it is hard to believe that at the top of Troodos Mountains there is actually a ski resort. In the months of January to early March, Troodos Mountains does have snow and there are several ski slopes with lifts that are open daily throughout this period.


Spring is a lovely time in Paphos and this is from March through until late May. The temperatures in these months are great and they generally vary between 18- 20 in March and then creep up to 25°C as you enter the month of May.

Paphos weather enjoys a variety of seasons but on the whole, it is generally warm all year round.