Paphos Airport Lounge Cyprus

The airport Lounge at Paphos Airport in Cyprus is known as the ‘Premium Lounge’ and it offers passengers all the facilities you would expect from an Airport Lounge. If you are travelling on a valid ticket, hold certain cards or are a member of one of the Airport Lounge schemes, you will automatically be eligible for entry into the Lounge if you have a valid ticket. You must have a ticket to use the Premium Lounge at Paphos Airport and if you are not flying on a ticket that allows you entry to the Premium Loung at Paphos Airport, you will be required to purchase a ticket before you are allowed entry. If you wish to use the Lounge but do not have a valid ticket, one of the easiest ways to gain access to the Premium Lounge is to simply purchase your entry ticket through one of the Airport Lounge Programs such a Priority Pass –

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Why Use The  Paphos Airport Lounge

Airports are not the best places to spend time and are certainly not the comfiest. Whenever you are flying from an airport you will always have a couple of hours to spare and what better way to spend your last couple of hours in Cyprus than in the Premium lounge at Paphos Airport. Departure lounges can be hot crowded places and finding a spare seat amongst the crowd can be difficult. Airport food is certainly not cheap and neither are the drinks and once you have bought something to eat and had a drink, it can be an expensive experience. The fact is that many people do not realise that for the same price of what it costs them to buy something to eat and one drink at the airport, they could have paid to use the Airport Lounge and enjoyed all the comforts that it has to offer and the FREE buffet! The Premium Airport Lounge at Paphos Airport offers passengers the perfect place to relax, unwind and ensure they board their flight in a refreshed manner. Tucked away from the Hustle and Bustle of the main airport departures lounge, the Premium Lounge is a large spacious haven that can be enjoyed by all the family. The Lounge not only provides facilities for executive and business travellers but also caters for children too.

Facilities Inside The Premium Lounge At Paphos Airport

The airport Lounge at Paphos enables you to enjoy waiting for your flight departure by taking advantage of all the facilities it has to offer.

Non-Smoking Lounge Maximum stay per visit 3 hours: Passengers are eligible for entry 3 hours prior to their flight departure time.

Air Conditioning: The Lounge is fully equipped with Air Conditioning which is a welcome facility during the hot months and allows you to relax in a cool temperature as you wait for your flight.

Televisions: The lounge has televisions playing so that you can sit back and watch television inside the Lounge.

WiFi and Internet: The airport Lounge at Paphos allows passengers to keep connected to their work or leisure activities by offering WiFi connection to guests. There are also several Internet workstations available for passengers to use during their time in the Lounge.

Comfortable Seating: Unlike the main Departures Lounge, the Premium Lounge offers passengers the opportunity to relax in total comfort in the luxury seating that is available. The seating capacity inside the airport Lounge at Paphos is 85.

Flight Information Monitors: The Lounge is equipped with flight information monitors which allow passengers to keep an eye on their flight departure information without having to leave their seat or the Airport Lounge itself. This mean passengers can stay in the Lounge until the last minute before they are called for boarding.

Drinks: Passengers can enjoy a range of drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic from the bar inside the Lounge.

Food: Passengers have a choice of cold snacks, sandwiches and cakes from the complimentary buffet inside the lounge.

Newspapers and Magazines: There are a selection of complimentary newspapers and magazines for passengers to read during their stay in the Lounge.

Children’s Area: There is a designated play area for children inside the Premium Lounge. Childre under the age of 2 years have FREE entry. Disabled Access: The Lounge provide Disabled Access for passengers who require it. Fax Machine: There are Fax facilities available inside the Airport Lounge.

Where Is The Airport Lounge At Paphos International Airport The Premium Lounge at Paphos Airport is located ‘Airside’, this means you can only access the Lounge once you have cleared Airport Security and entered the main Departures area. Once in the main Departures area at Paphos Airport, you will find the Lounge located opposite Boarding Gate number 7.

Opening Times Of The Paphos Airport Lounge

As with most airport Lounges, the Premium Lounge at Paphos opens 3 hours prior to the first departure of the day. This means that the airport Lounge at Paphos Airport usually opens around 06.00am each morning. The airport Lounge then closes after the last departure of the day which is usually just after midnight. Obviously flight times do change throughout the year and the opening times of the Premium Loung will obviously change according to the first and last flight times of the day.

Summary: Use the facilities of the Premium Lounge at Paphos airport will ensure you are refreshed and relaxed before your flight and will allow you to wait for your flight in comfort. You can wait for your flight in comfy seating while you watch television, catch up with work or read the papers or magazines. All this can be done whilst enjoying complimentary food and drinks from the buffet in the lounge. Children are welcome in the Lounge and children under the age of 2 go Free. If you wish to book your place in the Premium Paphos Airport Lounge, you can do so in advance before you travel by visiting one of the following website. We hope you enjoy your visit to the Paphos Airport Lounge and hope it help you start your journey in a chilled and relaxed atmosphere.

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