Paphos Airport Cyprus

Paphos Airport or Pafos Airport (PFO), is located approximately 17klms (10 miles) outside Paphos itself and provides an ideal gateway for passengers visiting Paphos and surrounding towns and villages such as Polis, Latchi and Troodos Mountain, to name but a few. The airport also provides the perfect gateway to explore other popular attraction in Paphos and the popular resorts such as Limassol, Larnaca, Ayia Napa, Protaras and Pernera are within reach of the airport in Paphos.

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Video Paphos Landing And Flight Path Approach

The view of the Cypriot coastline as the plane takes its flight path and approach into Pafos International Airport.


Where Is Paphos Airport

Paphos International airport is located on the west side of the island of Cyprus and is the second largest of the two airports in Cyprus.  Pafos airport provides easy access to the resorts of Paphos and Limassol and other popular beach locations such as Coral Bay, Polis and Latchi (or Latsi as it is also known).

What Is The Transfer Time From Paphos International Airport To Paphos

One of the great beauties of landing at Paphos International Airport is that you are just a 20-25 minutes drive away from the centre of Paphos, which makes the transfer to and from the airport very easy and also keeps the cost of your airport transfer to a minimum.

Arrivals And Departures


Although Paphos is not the largest of the two airports in Cyprus, it certainly has its share of passengers passing through its doors each year. As a result, the Arrivals area in the airport can become busy, especially during the peak periods and the Summer months. Many of the low cost airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair have now started flying in to Paphos and there are some really good deals to be found throughout the year. For more information about Arrivals and to find out the latest information on Arrivals for today and Arrivals tomorrow please visit the following pages: Paphos Arrivals


As with any other international airport, anyone flying from Paphos is required to follow certain procedures. Once again, during peak Summer months, the Departures area can become busy due to the number of flights bound for several destinations worldwide and passengers arriving in Cyprus for their holidays, unfortunately delays can happen. You should allow yourself sufficient time to enable you to complete all the necessary procedures such as Checking-In, clearing Security and Boarding your flight. Having all the correct documents at hand will not only help the staff at the airport will ensure you get through Check-In and Security in the quickest time possible. To read more about the Departures procedures, the latest Departures today and information about the facilities available, please visit the following page: Paphos Departures 

How Far Is Ayia Napa From Paphos Airport

One of the great things about Cyprus, is that the island is not that big and although the popular resorts on the other side of the island such as Ayia Napa and Protaras are only 2 hours drive away. The resort of Ayia Napa is approximately 174 klms (108 miles) from the airport in Paphos and most people wishing to stay in Ayia Napa usually fly into Larnaca International Airport, which is the closest of the two airport in Cyprus to Ayia Napa. However, many people do choose to fly into Paphos rather than Larnaca International for various reasons and then make their way across the island either by public transport or car hire.

The New Airport Terminal At Paphos

Paphos Airport The old airport terminal in Paphos was very small and very basic but served a purpose. However, due to the steady growth in tourism over the past years, Paphos International Airport has had a new terminal built. In November 2008, the new terminal at Paphos Airport was opened and although compared to many other International airports it is still relatively small, it now provides much better facilities at the airport and better services to tourists and passengers using the airport throughout the year for both Business and Leisure. The new airport terminal at Pafos International Airport can now accommodate over 2.7 million passengers per year and is operated by Hermes. You can still see the old airport terminal at Paphos which stands next to the new terminal.

If you would like to read more about the history of the airport and the statistics, you can do so  on the following Wikipedia page: Wikipedia 

Getting To And From Paphos Airport

Getting to and from Paphos airport is relatively easy and the new road network and infrastructure that has been built around the airport now means you can access Paphos Airport via the B6 main road. The A6 motorway provides easy access and connects Paphos and Paphos Airport with other major towns and resorts on the island such as Limassol, Larnaca, Ayia Napa and Protaras.

Although there is a regular bus service that operates from the International airport Paphos to the centre of Paphos, getting to destinations further afield by public transport can be a little tricky.  It is possible to catch a bus to various destination on the island from the bus station in Paphos but if you are wanting to reach resorts such as Protaras and Ayia Napa, you would be better off hiring a car, paying for a taxi or using one of the shuttle bus services.

How Much Are Transfers

There are many factors that will determine how much your transfers to and from the airport will cost you and you should try to find the best form of transport to suit your own requirements and budget. Depending on where you are staying on the island will obviously affect the cost of your transfer to and from Paphos airport as will the number of people travelling in your party.  If you are travelling alone and simply wish to reach the centre of Paphos, then taking the airport bus is certainly the cheapest form of transport and will only cost you a couple of euros.However, if there are several people travelling in your party and you intend visiting a few different places during your visit to Cyprus, it is strongly recommended to consider hiring a car simply because it can work out much cheaper than paying for a each person per transfer.

Car Hire From Paphos Airport

There are several car hire companies that operate from Paphos airport and are Budget, Europcar, Sixt and Astra & Petsas whom all offer competitive prices, especially if you book your car rental in advance.  We have provided a link to some of the companies and car hire comparison search engines that offer the best deals.  Obviously, you can shop around but you are certain to find a deal that suits your requirements and budget by following the link below.

Find the best deals on car hire from Paphos airport

Transfers and Shuttle Buses From Paphos Airport

There are many independent companies that offer transfer services to and from Paphos airport.  The prices of each transfer varies depending on distance and the amount of people in your group.  We have provided a link below to help you find the best deals.

Where Is The Main Bus Station In Kato Paphos

If you are catching the bus from the airport to the main bus station in Kato Paphos, you may be wondering where the bus station actually is in relation to the centre of Paphos. The main bus station in Paphos is situated at the far end of Apostolou Pavlou Avenue next to the harbour. The airport bus does run along the main coastal road into Paphos and if you are staying at one of the many hotels that are located along the front, you may able to get off at a stop close to your hotel, depending on which you are staying at. If you are staying close to the harbour or the centre of Kato Paphos then you may need to stay on the bus until the bus station. It is advisable to check the proximity of your hotel in Kato Paphos to see which is best for you.   

Hotels Near The Airport And In Paphos

There are no hotels onsite or situated next to Paphos airport itself.   However, due to Paphos airport being close to Paphos centre, it is not hard to find accommodation and is within easy access  of Paphos itself.

To find the best deals on airport transfers, shuttle services from Paphos airport and hotels and accommodation near Paphos airport, please click here 

Taxis From Paphos Airport

Taxis also operate from outside Paphos airport arrivals terminal.  It is always a good idea to set a price before you get in a taxi.

Getting From Paphos Airport To Larnaca Airport

There are several options available for passengers wishing to get from Paphos Airport to Larnaca Airport. Many passengers hire a car one way (one way car hire Paphos Airport). Another option is to take a taxi but this can be very expensive if you are travelling alone!  However, there is a bus service that runs from Paphos Airport to Larnaca Airport at regular interval throughout the day and provides a very cost effective form of transfer for passengers arriving at Paphos. If you would like to read more abot the bus service that connects the two airports in Cyprus, you can do so by visiting the following page: Paphos Airport To Larnaca Airport Bus

Flights To Paphos

Paphos International has a large number of flights arriving and departing throughout the year both Scheduled and Charter flights. Many of the low budget airlines such as Ryanair, Jet2 and Easyjet now have many flights into Paphos from a number of UK airports such as Manchester, East Midlands, Luton, Gatwick, Edinburgh, Bristol and Stansted. other Tour Operators and airlines such as Thomas Cook, Thomson and Monarch also offer flights to Paphos.

Airport Lounge

Paphos International has an airport lounge known as ‘The Premier Lounge’ which is available to all passengers who are eligible for entry.To read more about the airport lounge at Paphos, please click on the following link: The Premier Lounge Paphos 

Facilities At Paphos Airport:

  • Bank and Cash Point
  • Cafe & Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Baggage Wrapping – There is a Baggage Wrapping service available at the airport which is located in the entrance of the main Departure area. Wrapping your luggage helps protect it from damage and open accidentally.
  • Smoking Area (Outside)
  • Duty Free
  • First Aid
  • Tourist Information
  • Disabled Facilities
  • Baby Changing Facilities
  • Parking

Useful Information And Telephone Numbers For When You Land At Paphos Airport

Contacting The Police, Fire & Ambulance Services In Cyprus: (This is for emergencies) 112
Duty Officer: 1499
Citizen Communication Line 1460
Drugs Law Enforcement 1498
Sovereign Bases Forces 1443
Police Headquarters In Paphos 26806060
Forest Fires 1407
Paphos hospitals 26803100
Private Doctors On Call Paphos 90901436
Pharmacies In Cyprus – Paphos 90901416
Tourist Information In Cyprus
Head Office 22691100
Paphos/Pafos 26932841
Paphos International Airport 26423161
Ayia Napa 23721796


Town Names And Different Spelling

As you make your way from Paphos airport to your destination, you may be a little confused with the signs you see.  Especially if you have hired a car and are trying to orientate your way there.  Some of the signs you see will spell the towns differently, here are a couple of the more popular towns and cities and how the spelling is different.

Agia Napa Ayia Napa
Ammochostos Famagusta
Lefkosia Nicosia
Lemesos Limassol
Larnaka Larnaca
Pafos Paphos

Hotels In Paphos

The prices for hotels in Paphos fluctuate throughout the year and if you are wanting to read more about hotels and find the best deals for the time you are visiting or to book Online, please visit the following page: Hotels In Paphos 

Hotels In Paphos 4 Star

Paphos has many hotels of which a large number of them are 4 star. If you are wishing to visit Paphos and stay at one of them, you can see a list of all the four star hotels in Paphos on the following page: 4 Star Hotels In Paphos 

Hotels In Paphos 5 Star

Paphos has several five star hotels and if you would like to read more about them and see a list of 5 star rated hotels in Paphos, please click on the following link: 5 Star Hotels In Paphos 

Paphos Apartments

A popular type of accommodation in Paphos is self catering apartments. There are a large number of apartments to choose from in Paphos and if you are hoping to stay in an apartment during your visit to Paphos, the following page may be helpful to you. Apartments In Paphos 

Which Airlines Fly To Paphos

Who Flies To Paphos? The following is a list of airlines that currently service Paphos International Airport:

Air Mediterranee – Arkia Airlines – British Airways – Easyjet – Europe Airpost – Finnair – FlyNiki – Germania – Globus/S7 – Israir Airlines – Jet Air Fly – Jet Time – Jet2 – LOT Polish Airlines – Monarch – Nowrwegian Air Shuffle – Primera Air Scandinavia – Ryanair – Smart Lynx – Sun Express Deutschland – Thomas Cook – Thomson Airways – Transaero – Transavia – TUI Fly

Paphos Airport Parking

There are over 550 parking space available to passengers and visitors to the airport. There are a number of parking options available such as Drop Off and Pick Up parking areas, Short Stay Parking, Long Stay Parking and also designated space for disabled parking. Drop Off and Pick Up Parking is Free of charge but drivers can only stop in the designated ‘Drop Off and Pick Up areas and they can only stop for a minute whilst dropping off and picking up passengers at the airport. Drivers must also remain with their vehicles at all times and not leave them unattended. To read more about parking at the airport, please visit the following page. Parking at Paphos International Airport 


The airport currently has 24 check-In desks and each flight is allocated a certain number of desks. If you need to check-in for your flight at the airport drop off ‘Hold Luggage’, you will need to find the appropriate check-in desk that has been allocated for your flight and proceed to the desk.

Please Note: The airport can become busy, especially during peak times and it is advisable to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your departure time.

Airport Security

As with any International airport, there are certain Security measures in place at Paphos International airport. Any passengers wishing to fly from Paphos will need to comply with these Security measures before they are allowed to enter the main Departures area and board their flight. If you are flying from Pafos Airport and would like to know more about the airport Security procedures for Departures, you can read more on the following page: Departure Procedures At Paphos international Airport.

If you are flying into Pafos Airport, you will be required to comply with the Security procedures that are in place at the airport for Arrivals. Before you are allowed entry in to Cyprus will be required to present a valid passport and any other documentation you may need (depending which country you are flying from) at Security and Passport control.

Baggage Storage

There is a ‘Baggage Storage’ facility available at the airport and this is located in the check-in area. The service is available for any passengers wishing to leave their baggage for a short period of time. This service is especially handy if you are flying into Paphos for a few days and have excess luggage that you do not wish to carry around with you or if you have a connecting flight and need to store you luggage whilst you wait.

There are certain stipulations regarding leaving your baggage to which you will have to adhere to if you wish to leave your luggage at the airport.

If you wish to leave baggage at the airport you will need to make your way to the ‘Special Baggage’ desk or contact Galatariotis Technical Ltd who are the company that run the service.

Phone: +357 26 007335 – Email:


The airport offers passengers FREE WiFi access throughout the airport terminal.

Cash Machines – Atm’s

Cash machines are located in the main public area of the terminal building. As you exit the doors from the Baggage Reclaim area and enter the public area of the main Arrivals area, the cash machines are located to the left next to the car hire desks.

Smoking Area

Many people ask the question “is there a smoking area is Departures at Paphos Airport” and the answer is yes there is. There is a designated smoking area located outside once in the Departures lounge. Once you have cleared Security, simply walk through the Duty Free area into the Departures Lounge and turn left. You will see a café and the smoking area is located through there outside at the back. The smoking area is a sheltered terrace/patio and has tables and chairs for your comfort.

Shop and Collect

If you are departing from Paphos Airport and flying back into the airport, you can take advantage of the ‘Shop and Collect’ service. The ‘Shop and Collect’ service allows you to purchase goods from the Duty Free shop at the airport and then collect it on your return. This means that you can take advantage of the Duty Free prices at the airport before you depart but not have to carry your purchases on your travels.

The service is FREE to use if you are travelling within the EU.

In And Around Paphos

There are certainly a large number of attractions in Paphos and things to do, to keep you entertained throughout your stay. No matter what your interests may be, there is something for the whole family. Whether you just want to chill out on the many great sandy beaches in Cyprus, visit the one of many Archaeological sites around Paphos, have a day at the waterpark, a trip on the Paphos sightseeing bus or simply lounge by the pool, you won’t be disappointed.

Paphos Airport

Paphos Harbour is definitely one of the main focal points in Paphos and one that offers a number of different attractions for visitors. Whether you are taking a stroll during the day or at night, the harbour in Paphos has a unique charm. Steeped in history, the old harbour castle provides a wonderful backdrop to the lively waterfront, bars, cafes and restaurants.

Weddings in Cyprus

Weddings in Cyprus are certainly a very popular choice with couples wanting to fly to Cyprus an tie the knot and there are a large number of wedding in Paphos throughout the year of . There are several different types of wedding venues in Paphos to choose from including traditional churches, town halls, Cypriot house and hotels overlooking the sea.

Airport Facts

What Are The Co-Ordinates Of The Airport

The co-ordinates for Paphos: 34°43′06″N 32°29′06″E

What Is The Length Of The Runway

The runway at Paphos is 2,699m – 8,855ft

Elevation: 12 m / 41 ft

Paphos Airport Address: Paphos 8320 CYPRUS – Tel: 00357 2680 1800