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There are many ways to get to and from Paphos Airport but the Paphos Airport bus is probably one of the cheapest forms of transfer to and from the airport, especially if you are travelling alone or are on a limited budget for your Paphos Airport transfers.  There are several bus service that offer connections to many of the different towns in Cyprus such as Limassol, Nicosia and Larnaca but the most popular and most used service is the bus service that connects passengers from Paphos Airport to Paphos and also on their return journey by bus from Paphos to Paphos Airport.

Paphos Airport Bus To Kato Paphos and Paphos Harbour

Paphos Airport BusThe Paphos Airport bus offers passenger frequent connections from the airport to Paphos and stops at several main areas along the way. The Paphos Airport bus service runs at regular times throughout the day and night and is designed to coincide with the flight arrivals and departures at the airport. This means that you never really have to wait that long for the next bus upon arrival at the airport and there is always a bus with the hour when you arrive at the airport and there is always a bus from Paphos centre to Paphos Airport that will get you to the airport in good time for your departure.

What Number Is The Bus From Paphos Airport To Paphos

There are two buses that from Paphos Airport that connect passengers to Paphos. However, one of the buses goes to the bus station next to the harbour (in the tourist area Kato Paphos) and the other goes to Karavella bus station which is in the old town of Paphos. The two bus numbers are 612 and 613.

612 Bus From Paphos Airport To Paphos

If you are wanting to get from the airport to Kato Paphos itself, you will need to catch Paphos bus number 612. The 612 leaves from outside the airport terminal and then makes its way to paphos. The 612 bus then stops at several bus stops along the way including many outside or near the main hotels and then terminates at the Paphos Harbour Bus Station.

613 Bus From Paphos Airport To Karavella Bus Station

If you are wanting to get to the old town of Paphos, you will need to catch bus number 613. The 613 bus from Paphos Airport takes a slightly different route than the 612 and terminates at Karavella bus station in paphos old town.

Where Do I Catch The Paphos Airport Bus

The bus from Paphos Airport  to Paphos leaves from outside the main airport terminal. As you exit the terminal you will see the bus stop to the right, it is the first bus stop stand 21. Simply make your way to the bus stop and wait for the next available bus.

Paphos Airport Bus Routes

As we mentioned previously, there are two public buses that operate from the airport to Paphos. One goes to Kato Paphos and one goes to the old town. However, at the beginning of the journey, both buses take the same route but then go in different direction at a certain point. Below are the routes each of the buses take and hopefully this will help you decide which bus you beed to catch.

612 Bus: Paphos Airport – Paphos Limassol Old Road – Achelia Village – Koloni Village – Makaiou Avenue – Geroskipo – Ippokratous – Gianni Kontou – Ierokipion – Posidonos Avenue – Danaes Avenue – Posidonos Avenue – Alkminis – Ledas –Paphos Harbour Bus Station

613 Bus: Paphos Airport – Paphos Limassol Old Road – Achelia Village – Koloni Village – Makaiou Avenue – Geroskipo – Geroskipo Centre – Athinon Avenue – Griva Digeni Avenue – Karavella Bus Station

How Long Is The Journey Time From Paphos Airport To Paphos By Bus

The bus journey time for the 612 bus from Paphos Airport to Paphos, is around 30 minutes depending on traffic.

How Much Is The Paphos Airport Bus To Paphos

The bus from Paphos Airport to Paphos is currently €1.50 (at the time of writing) each way per adult.

Please Note: After 23.00 you will be required to pay the night rate for a single fare which is currently €2.50.

Paphos Airport Bus Price



Paphos Airport Bus Tickets




Where Do I Purchase My Ticket

You can purchase your ticket on the bus from the driver and the drivers do give change. Obviously it is helpful if you have change handy as it helps the driver but generally you should be ok.

Tip: It is possible to buy a day ticket or a multiple day ticket for the buses in Paphos. These tickets allow you to ride on the buses in Paphos as many times as you like for the duration of your valid ticket. If you are catching the bus from the airport and intend using the bus several times the same day or intend using the buses in Paphos everyday whilst you are in Paphos, it is a good idea to purchase the day or multi day ticket when you get on the bus at the airport. This will save you money!

Paphos Airport Bus Timetable

The buses run from the airport to Paphos on a regular basis throughout the day. However, the bus timetable for the Paphos Airport buses do change during certain months of the year. There are two timetables from April to November and December to March. If you would like to see the current timetable and the bus times and route map, you can do see by clicking on the following link: Current Timetable

Paphos Airport Bus To Coral Bay

Unfortunately, there is no direct public bus service from Paphos Airport to Coral Bay. If you would like to catch public transport from the airport to Coral Bay, you will need to catch two buses. First, you will need to catch the Paphos bus number 612 from the airport to the Harbour bus station and then catch a bus from the Harbour bus station in Paphos to Coral Bay. The 615 bus services from Paphos Harbour bus station are really frequent and you should never be waiting for your connecting bus to Coral Bay for long.

Paphos Airport Bus To Limassol

There is a bus service known as the ‘Limassol Express’ that connects passengers from the airport to Limassol and Limassol to the airport. This is the same bus that you would catch if you wanted to get from paphos Airpor to larnaca Airport. To read more about the bus services and the Limassol Express, please visit the following page: Paphos Airport To Larnaca Airport Bus

Paphos Airport Bus To Ayia Napa and Protaras

Paphos Airport is located approximately 170 klms from Ayia Nap and this means that the journey from the airport to the popular resort of Ayia Napa is nearly 2 hours by road. There is a bus service that runs from Karavella bus station in old town Paphos and it is operated by Intercity-Buses. If you wish to use the service to Ayia Napa fro Paphos then you will need to catch the 213 bus from paphos Airport to Karavella bus station in Paphos and then catch the coach from Karavella to Ayia Napa, Protaras and Paralimni. Please note this journey may not be direct and you may be required to change buses. If there are several people travelling in your party, it could work out cheaper and much less hassle to hire a car from Paphos Airport. To check what deals are available simply use the search box in the righthand column. Please note that there is only one service per day: To find out more about the service you can visit the Intercity-Buses website: Intercity-Buses

Paphos Airport Bus To Nicosia

The Kapnos airport shuttle provides a service from the airport to Nicosia and certain times throughout the day.

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