A Guide To Paphos Airport Transfers

Once you land at Paphos International airport, you will then have to make your way to your final destination. Unless you are fortunate to have somebody collecting you from the airport or you are travelling on a package deal that has airport transfers to and from Paphos Airport included, you will have to make your own arrangements with regards to your Paphos Airport transfers.

Obviously, which type of transport you choose for your own transfers to and from Paphos Airport will simply be determined by your own personal preference, requirements and budget. The good news is that there are a number of options for you to choose from in terms of transfers from the airport. This page is designed to provide a simple overview of what is on offer at Paphos Airport regarding transfers and hopefully it will help you decide which is the best option and form of transfer for you.

Where Are You Going

Depending on where your final destination may be, will play a big part in which transfer you choose. If you are only going a short distance from Paphos airport to the centre of Paphos, then your options will be much larger. Any further and the price of transfer will become higher and as a result will obviously reduce your options in terms of transport that is available.

Booking Your Paphos Airport Transfers In Advance

There are several types of transfers from Paphos Airport that allow you to book your place in advance. Paphos Airport can get busy, especially during the peak Summer months and if you choose a type of transfer which offers you the option of booking your seat in advance, it is advisable to do so for various reasons. The two main reasons being that in doing so you will be guaranteed a seat and you will also usually save money when you pre book your seat in advance. The other bonus is that it will save you time at the airport as it will eliminate having to wait in queues to purchase your tickets.

Different Types Of Paphos Airport Transfers

Paphos Airport TransfersThere are many different types of transfers options available from Paphos Airport and the following is a list of the most popular options with passengers arriving and departing from Paphos International Airport

Public Bus

The public bus service that connects passengers to and from Paphos Airport is a very popular option with passengers as it is very cheap and reliable.

Plus Points: The plus points about the public buses are that they provide a cheap and efficient form of transfer to and from Paphos Airport. The bus is probably the cheapest way to get from Paphos Airport to the centre of Paphos itself, especially if you are travelling alone.

Minus Points: The minus points about the public bus service from Paphos Airport to Paphos is that they only run at set times throughout the day, which means you may have to wait for the bus. If you are travelling with children or a lot of luggage, the journey may be a little more awkward for you. Another minus point is that the buses only go on set routes and will not drop you off at your door!


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Shuttle Bus Service From Paphos Airport

Several companies provide shuttle bus services to and from Paphos Airport and they are a popular choice with many passengers. There are three types of shuttle services and these are Shared Shuttle, Speedy Shuttle and Private transfers. The Shared Shuttle services take the longest out of the three options as they stop at a number of hotels whilst the Speedy Shuttle has a maximum of 4 stops. The private transfers are direct from the airport to your accommodation.


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Shared Shuttle and Speedy Shuttle

Please Note: Some shared transfers will only drop off and collect from hotels and apartments but not private villas or residences. However, if there is a hotel close to where you are staying, the best thing to do is use that as you drop off and collection point.

Plus Points: Shuttle services from Paphos Airport provide a very efficient form of transfer to and from the airport. Booking a shuttle transfer will mean that you will be greeted at the airport by your driver and you will then be taken straight to your accommodation. It will eliminate waiting around at the airport for a bus and will take you much less transfer time than it would on the public bus. The price of a shared shuttle bus can be very cheap and is certainly worth paying that little bit more for a door to door service.

Minus Points: The only minus points with a shared shuttle is that you can sometimes be waiting for other passengers to arrive. However, the shared shuttle services are usually set up to collect passengers who are arriving at the same time to avoid this dilemma.

Private Transfers

Private transfers offer direct transfers to and from Paphos Airport.

Plus Points: The private transfers are certainly one of the quickest forms of transfer to and from the airport as they offer a totally direct journey. You will be greeted at the airport by your designated driver and you will then be driven directly to your hotel, apartment, villa or private residence. A private transfer totally eliminates waiting around at the airport and means you can enjoy a stress free transfer to and from the airport.

Minus Points: The only minus point about Private transfers to and from Paphos Airport is that they are a lot more expensive than any of the other transfers form the airport. This means that if you are on a limited budget, a private transfer would not really suit your budget.

Car Hire From Paphos Airport

A lot of people actually miss a real trick when they look at airport transfers to and from Paphos Airport because they dismiss car hire. The truth is, car rental from Paphos Airport can actually work out much cheaper than other transfer options, especially if there are a few of you travelling in your party where the cost can be shared.

Car hire is certainly worth considering if you are landing at Paphos Airport and wish to get to the resorts of Ayia Napa, Protaras and Pernera which are a considerable distance away.


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Plus Points: The price of car hire can actually work out to be more viable and you also have transport for the duration of your trip. It means you have total freedom from when you arrive at the airport and you have total control of your transfer times. It means that you have transport direct to your door no matter what time you arrive or depart.

Minus Points: There are certain minus points and restriction when hiring a car and they are obviously the cost, if you are travelling alone and age limitations. You will also be required to produce certain documents and once you have the car in your possession, you will be responsible for any damage to the car if you are not covered.

Taxi Transfer From Paphos Airport

There are taxis available outside the main Airport terminal at Paphos and you can simply just turn up at the airport and catch a taxi. However, a popular choice and one that many prefer is to book a taxi in advance.


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Plus Points: Taxis offer a fast and efficient for of transport to your chosen destination.

Minus Points: Taxis are one of the more expensive forms of Paphos Airport transfers and some people are a little reluctant getting in a taxi in a foreign country from the airport in fear of being overcharged for their fare. If you are wishing to take a taxi from the Paphos Airport to your chosen destination, it may be worthwhile pre-booking your taxi in advance.

To read more about pre-booking your taxi in advance from Paphos Airport and the benefits it provide you, please visit the following page:


Coach Transfer From Paphos Airport

There are several companies than provide coach transfers from Paphos Airport to the many popular towns and resorts on the island of Cyprus. Many passengers landing at Paphos Airport need to get to resorts such as Limassol, Ayia Napa and Protaras. Some passengers landing at Paphos also need to get from Paphos Airport to Larnaca Airport and due to these popular transfers, there are now coaches that provide connection for passengers to these popular destinations.

Plus Points: The coach transfers from Paphos to Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Protaras and Limassol are very cost effective and are a big benefit for passengers.

Minus Points: The coach transfers are only schedule at set times during the day which can mean you have a long wait for your transfer.

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