A Simple Guide To Paphos Buses

Over the past few years, the public bus services throughout Paphos have certainly improved in both reliability and standard of buses. This change has not only seen an increase in the number of buses and services throughout Paphos but it has also made it much easier to get around and see Paphos by bus. The Paphos buses now operate on a number of different bus routes in Paphos and surrounding towns and villages and run throughout the day and night at regular intervals, providing an efficient and reliable service.

The bus services in Paphos are now owned and run bus the Paphos Transport Organisation known as OSYPA and they now have three main bus stations in the Paphos district. These bus stations are located next to the Harbour in Kato Paphos, in the old town of Paphos (Karavella) and one in Polis.

Bus Stations In Paphos

Kato Paphos Harbour Bus StationThe Harbour bus station in Paphos is relatively new and is the most modern of the two bus stations and certainly the largest.






Karavella Bus Station Paphos Old TownThe bus station in the old town of Paphos is known as ‘Karavella’ bus station and this is old and very small, in fact it is just a single hut.





There are a couple of bus services that link both the new Harbour bus station in Paphos with the old Karavella bus station in the old town of Paphos and these services are bus numbers 603 and 618. Both the 603 and 618 bus service run at regular times throughout the day (every 30 minutes) and are a cheap way to get between the two. The 618 has stops on routes whereas the 603 bus stops at more destinations on route.

Popular Bus Routes In Paphos

Paphos BusesThere are a number of popular bus routes in Paphos and these are mainly in the tourist area of Kato Paphos and also the bus routes from Paphos Airport to Paphos, Paphos Harbour to Paphos old town, Paphos Harbour to Karavella bus station in the old town of Paphos, Paphos Harbour to the Water Park and Paphos Harbour to Coral Bay and The Tombs Of The Kings.



612 – Airport bus

615 – Tombs of The Kings and Coral Bay)

603, 611, 631 run throughout the tourist area of Paphos

Paphos Night Bus

As well as running a regular bus service throughout the day, the Pafos Transport Organisation also operates regular bus services at night. The popular bus service that runs from Paphos Harbour to Coral Bay runs until 00.00am and from Coral Bay the last bus to the Harbour leaves at 00.35am from April – November.

The bus services linking the tourist area of Kato Paphos to Karavella bus station in the old old town, run until 00.45am and the last bus from Karavella to the Harbour is 00.30am from April – November.

Paphos By Bus

There are many places to see in Paphos and also many different areas for you to visit such as Tombs Of The Kings, Coral bay, The Water park, Aphrodites Rock to name but a few. If you do not wish to hire a car during your time in Paphos, then the buses in Paphos offer a cheap and reliable form of transport. The many bus services that now operate throughout the day in Paphos and its surrounding areas make visiting the major sights and attraction much more accessible.

Paphos buses really do allow you to travel throughout Paphos and neighbouring resorts with ease and very cheaply. There are several different types of tickets you can purchase that make your travel even cheaper, the more you use the buses in Paphos. If you do intend using the bus services in Paphos duration your stay, it is advisable to buy one of the multi day tickets that are available to you.

Types Of Paphos Bus Tickets And Fares

One Way Tickets (Day Price): €1.50 per journey (Night Price)  €2.50 per journey

The ‘Pay As You Go’ method which means paying for each single journeys is ok if you are only using the bus once or twice during the day but if you make several journeys and pay as you go for every journey you make, it will cost you much more money in the long run. If you intend making several journeys in one day, you will be better off purchasing the Day Ticket.

Day Tickets: €5.00 per day

Day tickets are a very cost effective purchase if you intend using the buses in Paphos numerous times in one day. Purchasing the day ticket for the buses in Paphos will allow you to ride on any bus service on the Paphos District, villages and suburb routes as many times as you like for that day. You can only purchase your Day and Weekly Tickets on the bus from the driver but any other tickets can be purchased from the Bus Stations in Paphos and Information Office.

Weekly Tickets €15.00

If you intend using the bus services in and around Paphos for the duration of your stay, then it is advisable to consider purchasing the Weekly bus tickets. The Weekly bus ticket will allow you to ride on any bus service that covers the Paphos District, village and suburb routes for the whole week once your ticket is first validated.

Monthly And Yearly Tickets

It is possible to purchase tickets that a valid for longer periods such as one month or one year. Obviously, these are a good option if you are spending a longer period of time in Paphos and are certainly worth their money if you use the bus services on a regular basis.

Ticket Prices

The prices for tickets on the buses throughout Paphos vary depending on which ticket you buy. The following prices where correct at the time of writing but there prices are subject to change and it is always advisable to check before your journey.

One Way Tickets (Day): €1.50 (Night) €2.50 per journey

Daily Tickets: €5.00

Weekly Tickets €15.00

Weekly Ticket: €15.00

Monthly Ticket: €40.00

Yearly Ticket: €400.00

Please Note: The Day and Weekly ticket are only valid up until 23.00pm each day and if you travel on any bus service in Paphos after 23.00pm, you will be required to purchase a night ticket which is €2.50 or €1.25 for students.

If you catch the Paphos Airport Bus service to Paphos Harbour after 23.00pm, you will be charged the night rate of €2.50 but even so, this is still a very cheap option for airport transfers.

Paphos Buses Concessions

FREE Bus Travel In Paphos

There are certain concessions available to passengers and the following are eligible for FREE bus travel in Paphos.

Children up to the age of 6 years old travel FREE on the buses in Paphos.

Soldiers who present their Cyprus Military card

50% Discount

Any students who present their student card

Holders of the Cypriot Social Card

Any Pupils who present their Pupil Card receive 50% discount on Paphos buses