Flights To Paphos From London

If you are looking for flights to Paphos from London, you will be glad to hear that you will have a fairly wide choice of airports, airlines and flight times to choose from.  Both scheduled and charter flights are available from all the London airports and these flights are more frequent throughout the summer months.

The difference between a Scheduled flight and a Charter flight, is that a ‘Scheduled Flights’ is organised by the airline throughout the year and has a fixed allocated flight time.  A ‘Charter Flight’, is one which is organised by the tour operators to enable them to offer package holidays during peak periods.  These flights are usually only for a few months duration.

During the summer months, many of the larger tour operators provide these additional charter flights to Paphos airport to cater for the increase of passengers going on holiday.  These ‘Charter Flights’ usually operate over 7 and 14 day durations.

This means that there is alot more choice for passengers throughout these summer months.  However, because Charter Flights are generally for a 7 or 14 day duration and the tour operators will not normal offer the flights for other durations, so it may be harder to find the dates you want unless the tour operators have surplus seats on the flight and sell them at a lower rate.

When searching for flights to Paphos from London, you will have the choice of flying from either Gatwick, Heathrow or Luton.  All of these airports are classed as being in easy access to the London area.

Although many airlines that fly to Paphos have scheduled flights (simply meaning they are allocated a specific time all yto Paphos from London all year round, the majority of charter flights will be on the same day

Which Airlines Offer Flights To Paphos From London

Below, you will find a list of airports that have flights to Paphos and also which airlines fly to Paphos from the various airports.

Flights To Paphos From Gatwick

Many airlines offer flights to Paphos from Gatwick airport.  British Airways, Easyjet, Monarch, Thomson, Thomas Cook and Torair all have flight to Paphos from Gatwick on a regular basis.  Some are scheduled flights and some are charter flights.

Flights To Paphos From Heathrow

Cyprus Airways are the only airline that offer flights to Paphos from Heathrow airport.

Flights to Paphos From Luton

Thomson are the only operators that offer flights to Paphos from Luton airport.

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