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Paphos Airport Departures Procedures


Drop Off Parking Outside The Departures Area

There is a designated ‘Drop Off’ area outside the main Departures terminal and if you are being dropped off at the Paphos airport by car, then the driver will be able to park for FREE in the designated area. However, there are strict time limits for drivers dropping off passengers at the airport and if drivers do not comply with the time limits, they will be charged accordingly to the duration of their stay or may even be fine.

Please Note: Drivers must stay with their car and not leave cars unattended in the ‘Drop Off’ areas.

For more information about parking please visit the following page: Parking at Paphos Airport

Departures Procedures

The new terminal at Paphos airport makes the departures and check-in process much smoother. You can enjoy a more spacious and modern departure lounge that offers more facilities such as shops, cafes and bars.

Although the terminal is new and offers modern facilities, Paphos airport is still classed as a small airport and as stated earlier, can get very busy during the summer months when more travel operators provide charter flights to the airport.  This may make the airport seem a little crowded but in general, the departures system is quite good and efficient.

Check-In and Boarding Pass

The Departure procedures at Paphos Airport are very straight forward and the system is the same as at any other International airport. Any passenger wishing to fly from Paphos will be required to check-in for their flight and have a valid Boarding Pass before they are allowed to board their flight.

Online Check-In

If your airline offers Online Check-In and you wish to use this method, you should ensure that you print out your Boarding pass once you have checked in online and make sure you have your Boarding Pass with you before you leave for the airport. If you turn up at the airport without a Boarding Pass, you will need to ask the airline to re-issue you a new Boarding Pass and they may charge you for the privilege (depending on the airline) and this can be a costly experience!

Please Note: If you have checked-in ‘Hold’ luggage for your flight, you will need to go to one of the Check-In desks that have been allocated for your flight to drop off your ‘Hold’ luggage.

Check-In At The Airport

If you are wishing to Check-In at the airport, you will need to ensure you arrive at the airport in good time (usually 2 hours prior to your departure time) to allow you plenty of time to Check-In for your flight. This is especially advisable at peak period such as throughout the Summer months when the airport becomes very busy due to large amounts of passengers. Once you arrive at the airport, you will need to locate the appropriate Check-In desks that have been allocated for your flight. You should then join the queue for Check-In and await your turn ensuring you have your passport and other documents to hand to Check-In.

At Check-In you will be required to Check-In any ‘Hold’ luggage you wish to take with you and you will then be allocated your seat and also be issued with your boarding pass.  Once checked-in, you will then need to make your way to passport control and follow the necessary Security procedures.

Security At Paphos International Airport

Security at the airport is located next to ‘Costa Coffee’ and you will need to clear Security before you are allowed into the main Departures area ‘Airside’. At Security, you will need to present your Boarding Pass and Passport and then you will also be required to place all hand luggage and loose items in one of the trays provided so they can pass through the X-ray machine.

You will also need to place other items in the trays such as:

All liquids (maximum 100ml in each bottle) in a transparent bag.

Your belt.

Any loose change.

Metal objects.


Laptops (Laptops should be charged).


Please Note: You yourself will be required to walk through a body scanner. If you are wearing anything metal or have any metal on your person, the scanner will beep and this is why you should ensure you place all metal items in the trays.

Once you have cleared passport control and security, you will then be able to proceed to the main Departure lounge where you will be able to relax and enjoy a quick drink or bite to eat before boarding you flight.

You will also be able to buy any last minute purchases from the Duty Free shops but just make sure you are complying with the Customs and Excise regulations for Cyprus.

The Premier Lounge is located ‘Airside’ and if you wish to gain access to the VIP airport lounge at Paphos Airport, you can read more about the lounge on the following page. Airport lounge at Paphos Airport

In the Departures area, there is an outside terrace where you can sit and enjoy a drink or food and it is ideal on those hot days when you are waiting to board your flight.

Many of the Departures Gates are located outside of the terminal and once you exit the Departures lounge, you will walk across to the Boarding Gate. The Boarding Gates are under cover and have limited seating.

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