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There are a large number of 4 star hotels in Paphos Cyprus and each hotel offers all the usual facilities you would expect in a hotel of this star rating. However, the facilities do vary between hotels and you should always ensure that the hotel you choose, offers all the facilities you require during your stay. The four star hotels that are available in Paphos do fluctuate in price throughout the year.

Prices Of 4 Star Hotels In Paphos

The prices of hotels do fluctuate throughout the year and if you are hoping to stay in one of the four star hotels located in Paphos, it is always advisable to compare the prices of each hotel before you actually make a decision as to which hotel you book. The four star hotels throughout Paphos are very popular, especially during the Summer months and as you can imagine, during these times the prices will be at a premium. Prices are usually determined by supply and demand and this is why the Summer months are usually the highest price. However, it is still possible to find some great deals on these hotels during the popular months and you may be pleasantly surprised at what you can find, if you compare hotels!

If you visit Paphos during the ‘Low’ season, you will certain be able to find some great deals on the four star hotels in Paphos. Visiting Paphos in the months that are not as popular can often mean you can find deals on 5 star hotels in Paphos for the price you would normally pay for a four star!

Hotel Reviews

Choosing a hotel can be difficult, especially when you have so much choice and are visiting a place that you have never been to before. If you find that you cannot decide on which hotels to choose or feel that you would like to know more about the hotel itself, it is always worth reading a few reviews of the hotel from people who have previously stayed at the hotel.

Which Hotel To Stay In

If you are looking to stay in one of the four star hotels in Paphos, you should also take into account its location. Paphos is spread out over several miles and some hotels may not be suitable for your requirements, especially if you need to be close to a specific place. Kato Paphos is the main tourist area and this is where the Paphos harbour and castle are situated. Kato Paphos is also where the main nightlife in Paphos is located and if you are wanting to be close to the main area, it would be wise to choose a hotel that is located close to Kato Paphos and not one that is located in Coral Bay.

Many of the 4 star hotels are located along the coast road (Poseiden Avenue) leading into the main tourist area and some of these hotels can be up to 1-2 miles from the main tourist area of Kato Paphos. Also, Coral Bay is now regarded as ‘Paphos’ but Coral Bay is located approximately 7 miles along the coast from Kato Paphos. If you are wishing to be located in the centre of Kato paphos itself, you will need to do a little research beforehand and find out which hotels are located in the centre and which ones will best suit your requirements. Below, we have provided a list of 4 star hotels in Paphos and a hotel map of the area. Hopefully, this will be of benefit to you in helping you choose the right hotel and location for your stay.

Tip: Most of the hotel comparison websites now give you the option to search for your hotel by selecting location. This makes it much easier to narrow down your search to hotels that are located in the area you wish to stay.

Please Note: Buses run along the coast road to the main bus station near the harbour in Kato Paphos every 10-15 minutes throughout the day, so getting to and from the centre of paphos from your hotel is generally very easy. Most of the larger four star hotels along the coast roads have bus stops located close by, which means you do not have far to walk if you need to catch the bus. There is also a regular Paphos Airport bus service that runs to and from the airport and this bus also stops outside many of the larger hotels along Poseiden Avenue. This makes airport transfers to and from Paphos Airport very easy and very cheap.

Hotel Map Of 4 Star Hotels In Paphos:

List Of 4 Star Hotels In Paphos

Akteon Holiday Village

Located in Chloraka on the coastal road between Paphos Harbour and Coral Bay, the Akteon Holiday Village is a family friendly aparthotel that offers a wide range of facilities to suit all requirements and needs.

The Akteon Holiday Village has two outdoor swimming pools with a poolside bar, as well as an indoor pool and health and fitness club.

The Tombs of The Kings are just 5klms (3 miles) from the hotel and the main tourist area of Kato Paphos and the Harbour just 7klms (4.5 miles).

There are 232 apartments available and each one is fully furnished with kitchenettes with fridge, a balcony, sofa bed, TV and coffee maker.

Akteon Holiday Village Video

Akti Beach Village Resort

Alexander the Great Beach Hotel

Aliathon Holiday Village

Aloe Hotel

Amphora Hotel & Suites

Aqua Sol Holiday Village

Aquamare Beach Hotel and Spa

Ascos Coral Beach Hotel

Atlantica Golden Beach Hotel

Avanti Holiday Village

Avanti Hotel

Avlida Hotel

Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa

Capital Coast Resort and Spa

Club St George

Constantinou Bros Athena Beach Hotel

Constantinou Bros Athena Royal Beach Hotel

Constantinou Bros Pioneer Beach Hotel

Crown Resorts Horizon

Cyprotel Cypria Maris

Cyprotel Laura Beach Hotel

Dionysos Hotel

Eleni Holiday Village

Kefalos Beach Tourist Village

Louis Imperial Beach Hotel

Louis Ledra Beach Hotel

Louis Phaethon Beach

Oracle Exclusive Resort

Oracle Exclusive Resort

Pafian Park Holiday Village

Pafian Sun Village

Pafiana Heights Resort

Panareti Coral Bay Resort

Panareti Paphos Resort

Sentido Cypria Bay

Sofianna Hotel Apts.

St Nicolas Elegant Residence

St. George Gardens Hotel Apartments

St. George Hotel

The King Jason

Theo Sunset Bay Holiday Village

Quick Summary

The standard of hotels throughout Paphos is generally quite high. Most of the four star hotels have a large range of facilities to suit all requirements. Always compare prices to ensure you receive the best deals for the time you wish to visit. Research the location of your hotel so that you can be sure you are close to the places and attractions you wish to be near and so that you have easy access to and from your hotel. Most of the 4 star hotels in Paphos have easy access to public transport and bus services run along the coast road throughout the day.